Notetaking at the Ritz: App #3–Evernote


(You can access your Web account from the Website above OR you can access it through a browser add-in.)

Synopsis: Evernote allows users to capture ANYTHING on the Web and then, jot down your notes on it. That “note” is saved in your Web account for you to access anytime from anywhere. Yes, this means you can capture images, sounds, text, and video AND comment on it.Then, you can go back and review and even search your notes from anywhere anytime. Users can create notebooks in order to categorize their notes. And, there is even an app for it on your iPad. Notebooks and notes can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, links, and email. Notes and notebooks can be printed, deleted, and edited after being saved.

Integration: Researching is brought into the 21st century with Evernote. Think back to the notecard Bibliographies that students created in the early 90s and prior. Now, that has been moved into a digital format. However, students can now create a digital notecard of the image, sound, video, or text they capture, record the address and citation, and jot down notes on the card. A student’s entire set of research can be commented on and placed in their Web portfolio. What’s even better is that it is FREE! If a teacher wants to review a student’s “notecards,” the student has a variety of options by which to share the notebook (Facebook, Twitter, link, or email). With the browser add-in, students can click on the Evernote button when they find a resource they like or need. The Evernote window pops up and allows them to comment on the resource and save it to their appropriate notebook and make the necessary editing/highlighting marks. The possibilities with Evernote are endless. It forces students and teachers to make digital literacy a priority and enforce citations and Website evaluations. By being able to view a student’s notes and inner thoughts regarding the source, teachers can call upon students to make revisions in their assessments of sources.

Other products by Evernote:

  • Evernote Hello: Helps you remember people by creating a profile on your phone. Check out the video

  • Evernote Food: Allows you to snap pictures of food and add captions and share it. Check out the video: 

  • Evernote Clearly:Allows you to clear away all of the distraction in online reading so you can read easier. Check out the video:

  • Evernote Peek: Allows you to turn your Evernote notes into study materials. Check out the video: 

  • Skitch: Allows you to use annotation and markup in your notes. (For visual learners) Check out the video:

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