The new Adobe suite, App #18–Aviary

Aviary: (for Google Apps for Education users) for other users:

(This suite is available for FREE, yes FREE, for Google Apps for Education users. You just need to have your domain admin add the service to your list of services. Otherwise, the suite costs money for other users).

Synopsis: Aviary does it all from vectors, photo editing, to audio podcasts. This post will discuss the features available to Google Apps for Education users only. To begin, you have five different boxes of applications to choose from: Edit Images, Markup Images, Create Vectors, Edit Audio, and more! The Edit Images section gives you the choice to make business cards, letterhead, PowerPoint slide, or a label. In the Markup Images section, you can markup PowerPoint slides, create screen captures, add arrows/text, and annotate images. In the Create Vectors section, you can make logos, create tshirts, and create icons for your Website. With the Edit Audio section, you can mix a podcast, record audio, create audio filter effects, and remix music. And, in the “and more!” section, you can create picture filters, edit colors, edit images, and create audio loops. Any file that you create will appear in your “Aviary Files” folder in Google Docs. All applications open up in a new window. For instance, your audio screen will look like:

Be sure to click on “save as” in the upper right corner to save your project. These files will be stored in a folder in your Google Docs account. 

Due to the extensive breadth of applications, you can find tutorials on the applications here: Or, you can access the Aviary support site here: You can email any questions to Aviary at:

Integration: Since this is a service affiliated with Google Apps for Education users, all files created are automatically synced with your Google Docs main page. All files are also give a URL and an embed code so they can be placed within Websites and linked to from other pages. Rather than paying large sums for the Adobe suite, classrooms can access all necessary applications for free through their Google Apps for Education/Aviary account. And, since all work is linked to the Google Apps for Education interface, it can be shared with teachers and embedded into Google platforms easily. Work does not need to be saved on a hard drive. Rather, it can be stored in the cloud and free up hard drive space. If you don’t have Google Apps for Education at your district/school, Aviary is more incentive to get it and implement it. Google Apps for Education now encompasses the Office Suite and the Adobe Suite!

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