Talking and emailing simultaneously, App #22–Google Voice

Google Voice:

(You  need to have a gmail account in order to enable Google Voice AND, you need to install the voice/video plug-in in. Once these are installed and configured, you are ready to go.)

Synopsis: Google Voice puts all of the best phone system features into one application at one price: FREE! With Google Voice, you have the following services at your fingertips:

  • Voicemail transcription
  • One number
  • Personalized greetings
  • International calling
  • SMS to email
  • Share voicemails with others (via email)
  • Screen callers
  • Mobile app
  • Conference calls
  • Number porting (you can have a number ring on any phone you want)

The possibilities with Google Voice continue to increase. In a Google Apps for Education school that already uses Gmail and has groups set up, Voice is even more beneficial. And, with the one number feature, teachers can give students the Google Voice number without having to give away private numbers. When that number is called, it will ring on whichever phone the user has selected.

More is available on the features on the Website: Unfortunately, there is not enough space or time on this blog to delve into all of the great features available for…FREE! 

Here is the home screen:

Here’s a good blog referencing Google Voice and all of it’s important updates:
Per Google, here is there Google Voice information central:

Integration: Our district is looking in to using Google Voice as our phone system. In many ways, it compares to Microsoft’s Lync Server. However, this is free! The only cost is the headsets for the computers. And, if numbers are set up for the teachers, teachers can select which phones ring when those numbers are dialed. So, conceivably, if a Google Voice number was dialed, it would not even have to ring on a headset in the classroom; it could ring on whichever phone the teacher requested–including his/her own cell phone. And, users can set up groups so that each group of users’ calls are treated differently. For instance, you can have a parents’ group, teachers’ group, and coaches’ group. The parents group can include all parents’ emails and phone numbers. And, you can request that any calls from the parents’ group not be put through during class hours. You can apply that same setting on any group. All voicemails left are shown in your Gmail account. Therefore, when you receive a voicemail, you can both hear it and read it. You can reply via email or phone. And since Google Voice uses Gmail as a platform, it encompasses all of Gmail’s features.

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