A goody box to share, App #25–Goalbook, Convert.Files, acmi, classconnect


(All four of these applications vary in their purposes, but they all serve as a great toolkit for educators.)

Synopsis: Goalbook is a free app that allows teachers, parents, students, and special services teachers/directors a space to collaborate over IEPs and other student learning plans. Convert.Files is a site similar to Zamzar, but it can process even larger files (200MB). Since it is just a conversion site, this post will not contain directions for it.

Acmi is a storyboard generator. It gives users the option to use existing scripts or to create their own.

Classconnect is a collaboration space for teachers. They can look at lesson plans, meet other teachers, store documents (even Google Docs), Websites, and other files.

Integration: Goalbook is a great space for holding IEP meetings and follow-ups. It can be held anytime, anywhere. And, it can be managed within your school or district. This also encourages educators to keep better records of student progress, especially students with special learning needs. It even has a celebration tab for educators to share “celebration” with students an parents. Though this app can be used for all types of educators, it is definitely great for teachers and students with special needs. Acmi has an education section where educators can find great resources on storytelling and the power of stories. As a lover of oral histories, I found the videos fantastic. Classconnect allows users to create courses so other teachers can download or share content. This is a great way for teachers in all locales to connect and collaborate. Plus, you can incorporate existing apps like Google Docs into it. 

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