Google is the new resume, App #5–building positive digital footprints with ePortfolios

To get your resume, an employer only needs to search your name on Google. Your online presence will be readily available. Therefore, why not build up your online presence? You don’t want your resume to be empty just as you don’t want your online presence to be empty. You want your resume to be filled with quality, meaningful work that showcases your best assets just as you want your online presence to be filled with positive examples of your work. And, with ePortfolios becoming commonplace, there is even more incentive to jump on the bandwagon.

First of all, ePortfolios are not just for students; all educators should build a portfolio as a means of reflection and professional growth. Before beginning portfolios with students, educators should try building their own.

Read below for some great resources getting started with portfolios in the classroom:

From Dr. Hellen Barrett:

Where can you build ePortfolios:

What are some guidelines for building ePortfolios:
Where are some sources for building ePortfolios:
Portfolios are just one way to create a positive online presence. Continue to view your work online as our resume and you will begin to make positive footprints. 

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