Appointment Calendars made easy with Google Calendar

In a GAFE district, scheduling is made easy with the help of appointments on Google Calendar. Not only is it as easy as a click and save, it integrates seamlessly into Drive, gmail, and other Google products as part of GAFE.

Uses?: For secondary students and staff, a great use is to have students sign up for paper conferences, band showcases, auditions, meetings with counselors, and other appointments. For primary students and staff, it is helpful to use appointments for parent teacher conferences, lab scheduling, and meetings.

How it works:

  1. Either create a calendar specifically for appointments or just add appointments to an existing calendar. Follow the steps to creating a calendar if you choose that method.
  2. Click on a time that you would like to reserve for appointments. In the pop-up box, choose appointment slots rather than event. 
  1. Click on event details in the bottom right.
  2. And, now, you can choose:
    1. The calendar to place the appointment on
    2. Get the URL of the appointments to send out to others (you can change this into a QR code as well so they can sign up via phone)
    3. Add a location (you can get the exact address from Google Maps so the location is tied to a map)
    4. The length and quantity of that appointment.
  1. Press Save when you are done.
  2. Repeat for as many different appointment titles as you want. 
  3. Remember to integrate other Google Apps into this feature so it is seamless and try out the QR code generator so kids can use their QR scanner to take them to the appointment calendar and sign up remotely. Parents can do this as well!

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