Officially a Google Certified Teacher!

GTACHI 13 was one of the best educational experiences of my life. I have returned more motivated, inspired, and challenged to change the world and push humanity forward. I was reminded that it is not how much we know individually, but how much our network, our community knows. Now that I am part of the GCT community, my knowledge base has increased 600-fold! Stay tuned for more innovative updates from my brilliant community.

Google + has become an important part of my professional life. This year, I am promoting Google + Communities among my faculty. Though I am and always will be an Edmodo user, I promote Edmodo for PLCs and online courses. I have found that Google + is great for events, innovative ideas, or connecting and collaborating with educators around the world. On that note, the Mystery Location Calls community is one of the best for connecting classrooms globally through Google Hangouts. This year, we will be using Google + among our entire district staff. At the schools I serve, I have created communities with categories to divide the discussions. 

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