ETW Austin solves EDUproblems

This past November, one of my partners in EdTech Women – Austin (Tracy Clark) and I did an EdCamp ATX session on solving #eduproblems. The goal was to hash out an actual solution to problems in the timeframe of the session. Understandably, many problems cannot be solved in one hour. However, it’s the idea that’s important – the idea that professional development should not just be an intake of knowledge but a time to build and solve problems.

Therefore, we hosted an EdTech Women – Austin event two nights ago at #tcea14 with the same goal – to solve #eduproblems. And, what we left with was transforming. We left with new connections, rededicated visions, and a new drive to change education. And, that’s what PD should be. We narrowed down problems to admin support and professional development. Within the area of admin, we decided that it needs to start with students and teachers driving change. Students need to share that learning with the community through parent nights and whatnot. Once the community has been inspired, the pressure will be placed on admin to provide quality PD for educators. And, what should quality PD be? It needs to be innovative and authentic. It needs to take teachers away from their current distractions, but not be a distraction in itself. It needs to be comfortable in setting but challenging in content. Not everyone will be easily inspired, but we need to continue to try.

Stay tuned for more #eduproblems and #edusolutions!

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