Privacy? What’s that?

On April 22, our #gtachi Google Certified Teacher crew is hosting a Twitter chat on Google’s revelation last month that they were “data mining.”

Essentially, Google admitted to data mining on student edu accounts. However, the question is – how many other companies have done this without openly admitting it. Though, we can agree that data mining is not what we would want out of student accounts, how many companies do this? And, though these are on free educational accounts, how many other free educational companies harvest data? How many times are students subjected to privacy invasion? I think that is the larger question – not whether or not Google is doing it – but why is privacy a foreign concept?

In an era of sharing and collaboration, privacy comes with a cost. But, how can we better educate students, parents, teachers, and community members to understand modern privacy? How can we make them better digital citizens? That is the question I believe we should be focusing on as that is the larger issuer at hand?

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