Getting the little things going

As I head to #iste14 tomorrow, I can’t help but think about where I was a year ago and the “little edu things” that have transformed not only my year, but the educators’ around me.

Nearly a year ago, I was sitting in #gtachi, having the networking experience of a lifetime. Now, I’m gearing up to present at #iste14, sharing the experiences of my last year and preparing for the GTI academy.

And, after a week of educating teachers on the importance of process over product, I think about the learning I have seen in the teachers around me. Many times, I’ve focused on their ability to create a great Google Site rather than the process of getting them to collaborate and them providing their students the opportunity to innovate.

So, as I enter this next transformative year, I plan to look at those little edu things that signify learning in educators and students. Because, at the end of the day, I don’t want teachers and students who can make stellar movies. Instead, I want those who are leaders, team players, listeners, collaborative – and all of those other soft skills that distinguish individuals.

What are the little edu things you’re doing? What are the little edu things you want to see in educators & students?

Share them on the Little Edu Things site and join the community! 

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