My Best Reading: The Official Google Blog

If I were to  pick one reading source for newcomers to Google, I’d pick the Official Google Blog.Some of the best reading I get each day comes from the Official Google Blog that I get via my email. I filter the blogs into a Google Blog label in my Gmail and return to it during my lunchtime reads.

Where do you find the Official Google Blog?
Go to each day or….

Add it to your email feed for daily reading.

Click on the Feed button:

Then, sign up with your email:

What can you learn?
I frequently share the “Ninja Secrets of Google’s Projects” to educators around the world. And, often, they are blown away by the depth of resources available from Google Dev Art to Building with Chrome. However, I attribute my knowledge of all of those resources to the Official Google Blog. Additionally, the information shared daily is great discussion material for students. For instance, check out this article on popular searches related to the World Cup.

My recommendation:
Send it to your email, filter it into a folder and read it when you get a chance. You will be up-to-date on the latest Googleness and you’ll have plenty of info to fuel classroom discussions for your entire school year. 

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