My 7 Favorite Google Secrets

My teachers often ask me: where do you learn all of your Google things and how do you have time?

And, I think that highlights a major point of need: the ability to know where to find information and make sense of it. It’s an oldie, but a goody. Unfortunately, it hasn’t transferred as well to digital information because we now have access to information quicker and easier than in the past. Though that can make searching greater, it can also be overwhelming to many.

When I think back to my students, it was the same way – the ones that seemed to be in the know were, in reality, just good at searching and finding. And, that’s why I can’t reiterate enough how important being an effective searcher and seeker of information is today.

So, where do I find my information? Outside of the usual Google + and Twitter (follow me @christyfenne to see who I follow), I read a lot of Google’s literature –  not every day, but I bookmark it and I save items to read later.

Check out these personal favorites (and you can subscribe via email so you can read once a day or however often you like).

1. Official Google Blog

2. Google Chrome Blog

You can subscribe by email or through any other reader:

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