Day 5: My Blogging Challenge

It’s day five of my blogging challenge. In case you missed what it’s all about, you can read more about it in Day 1.

Today’s challenge is to post a picture of my classroom – describe what I see and what I’d like to see.

Since I no longer have a classroom, I’ll have to adapt this challenge to describe by office that I share with a co-worker.

The stories this office could tell – this is actually by third office on this campus in three years, which brings me to my first wish: a stable location so teachers and students would be able to easily access us and so we would be viewed as a more stable entity on campus (as opposed to the temporary fixture movement implies).

Our office is actually a storage closet (a sticker was put over the word “storage” to reflect our names) which has brought upon several problems: mainly, no A/C. This was fixed about a week ago after two months of Texas heat. Though I’m relatively comfortable in a warm office, the main concern is for the uses of this office. We use it to reimage computers, train teachers and students, and more. However, an office that has no A/C, is uninviting and makes it more difficult to attract teachers and students to come in – one of our main goals.

So, if I could change any two things – it would be to have a stable location and an area more hospitable for training and welcoming in visitors.

My office as of 9/26/14

Here’s what I do like:

  • It’s larger than before – giving us more room to store computers, reimage them, and…invite in teachers. In fact, it’s almost large enough to set up a kitchen and cook…bacon. 
  • It has a window – never underestimate the power of  a window. My vitamin D levels are up now and I feel more positive toward my staff and students. No kidding.
  • It has many, many, many floor-to-ceiling closets to store CPUs, monitors, cabling, and more out of sight. It makes our office seem cleaner and makes me more focused on work.
  • It has space to reimage computers in-office – this means faster turnaround for returning computers and fixing issues.
Our office is plain and simple. My goal is to add in elements to make it more welcoming  and to entice teachers and students to stay and learn. We are also in the throws of setting up a projector in the office to provide more on-demand trainings to teachers. Having more space has allowed us to perform small group trainings in our office without fighting for space. 
How do you make your space welcoming while functional for being a technology space?

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