Day 9: My Blogging Challenge

Welcome to Day 9 of my blogging challenge. In case you missed what this is all about, you can read more about it in Day 1.

Challenge: Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in your teaching career that no one knows about (or may not care).

So this one’s a difficult one – choosing one that may only have value to me and not to the rest of the world.

Being accepted into the Google Teacher Academy in Chicago 2013 was a huge source of achievement for me. It validated my efforts and it connected me to a group of educators who challenge me daily. However, I can’t say that only has value to me or that no one knows about it. I’m pretty sure I told everyone about it. It was one of my top educational experiences of my life. Period.

However, those little things – the things that I get joy out of that I don’t tell others or don’t mean anything to others…

I can’t provide specific examples, but I can be general – right now, it’s in getting some reluctant teachers to TRY. That means a ton to me. Today, I just helped a teacher get her iPad (brand new) onto our school’s network so that she could use Doceri with her class. This was a teacher who had asked her students to hand in their devices as they entered their class up until two weeks ago. So, in seeing and helping teachers take that plunge and challenge themselves, I feel accomplished. I’m sure I could list many more, but I love those moments.

A final one is being paired with some of the best co-workers. I worked hard to get to a point where I could collaborate with others. Having that opportunity to collaborate because of co-workers who love challenges, is an accomplishment. It probably is not as important to others and I don’t brag about it. But, it’s one of the main reasons I show up to work each day. Shout outs to +Krista Tyler and +Brandie Cain-Heard .

What are your best-kept secret accomplishments?


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