Day 22: My blogging challenge

Welcome to day 22 of my blogging challenge. In case you missed what it’s all about, you can read more in day 1.

Today’s challenge: What does your PLN look like and what does it do for your teaching?

My PLN consists of Google + (and a GAzillion communities), Twitter (and many associated Twitter chats), my GTACHI crew (Google Teacher Academy Chicago 2013), my Google Educator Group Texas, my Google Education Trainers group, my own Round Rock ISD community, the teachers on my campus, and more. In fact, my PLN grows each day. One network I’d never give up is my GTACHI friendships. I’ve forever changed as an educator since my GTA experience.





I’ve said it many times and I’ll continue to say it, but the most learning I get comes from my PLN. I have been to numerous conferences in the past, but I have to learn as much at any of them as I do on a daily basis from my PLN. The benefit to the conferences is networking in order to build up my PLN more.

As a teacher, I understand it can be easy to become overwhelmed by too much information, but I also know that my PLN helps me solve problems quicker than ever and become a better educator. Therefore, it’s crucial to help other educators build PLNs that matter to them and that are not burdensome. For instance, not all educators will benefit from Goolge + (even though, I feel I could not live without it). But, they may benefit from attending Twitter chats.

PLNs are about customization. There is no “one size fits all.” In fact, any attempt to make all educators join a particular community or network is a disservice to them. Rather, it’s important to guide them into networks that will help them advance.

What about you? What are your favorite networks and how does your PLN influence you?

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