Day 30: My Blogging Challenge

Welcome to day 30 of my blogging challenge. In case you missed what it’s all about, you can read more in day 1. And, today marks the end of this great blogging journey!

Today’s challenge: What would you do as a teacher if you weren’t afraid?

As co-organizer of EdTech Women – Austin, this is a question we ask of our members – what would they do if they weren’t afraid. It’s a critical question that we should all ask ourselves – students, administrators, teachers, and more.

I like to think that I take a lot of risks as an educator. In fact, my co-worker and I were talking about this the other day. When we look at our students and teachers we help, we have some who aren’t afraid to press the buttons and troubleshoot. And, then, we have a section who are afraid to break something so they don’t touch those buttons and, consequently, don’t learn. It is this way in every industry. You have the people ready to press all of the buttons and the people who don’t want to out of fear.

We need to press those buttons.

We need our teachers and our students to press those buttons.

I can’t say I’m afraid to take risks. My entire teaching career has been one of risks. However, there is still more to do that I have not done. So, I guess I would say: what do I want to do? Isn’t that the same thing? There should be no difference in being afraid or not being afraid.

I want to change policy. I want to change our definitions of learning and teaching. I want to walk into classrooms and see learning at all paces – not one mandated by the state. I want to see innovation happening. I want to see students and teachers pressing those buttons.

How will I do this? Gradually. I work on this every day. I try to create environments open to learning. Baby steps with teachers in the form of App-y Hours, and numerous informal learning opportunities.  Opportunities for leadership with students in the form of student tech clubs. I inundate people with learning and innovation opportunities.

What about you – what would you do if you weren’t afraid? Or, better yet – what WILL you do?

This has been an awesome 30 day challenge and a great model for student blogging. Please share out and give it a try! 

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