GEG Lesson Plan – afterthoughts

Earlier this week, several chapters of GEG Texas led a pilot of Google’s Lesson Plan Jam with 30 educators in Google’s Austin offices. In the planning process, we weren’t entirely for sure of the outcome, but that’s the beauty in it. It’s great to not have a known outcome and to let learning guide the day. At the end of it, I was surrounded by 30 educators determined to make a difference for their students for 8 hours. And, what more could a girl ask for?

Other than, perhaps, Chrome cookies! 

The day was full of pods of innovation, connected in the context of one room. 

And a team of MCs with a passion for creativity and learning. 

Wait! And, more Chrome cookies. 

The day started off with discussing current frustrations in the classroom via sticky notes. Problems ranged from frustrations on document naming conventions to a lack of admin involvement in PD. 

And, after a brief tour of the Google Austin offices, educators were sent back to develop unit plans – either as a group – or individually met to innovate or target those problems.

3-4 educators were paired with a subject-area lead learner who helped pair the technological leader with the content expert. 

The pairing led to a room of inspired educators.

 With great collaboration not just on technology, but in person and on drawing boards. Sometimes, there is no substitute. 


Like teachers presenting to teachers their ideas through Demo Slams and project share-outs.

Or teachers just having fun, having the time to plan and collaborate. 

Guest appearances by Google for Education. 

And a late afternoon share-out of the day’s learning.
Educators have a week to complete the lessons/unit plans started at the Jam. Once completed, lessons and unit plans will go up on our GEG Lesson Plan Jam site for others to search and adapt. The goal is to share learning and ideas. And, though many educators chose to integrate GAFE into their plans, the end goal was meant to be on the students – sharing, collaborating, and innovating the existing educational wheel. 
Check out our event’s Google Site for more details on the lessons submitted. 
In the meantime – how can you get involved? Join your area GEG and what not join GEG CENTX while you’re at it?! Stay tuned for more events – both virtual and face-to-face – in the coming weeks. 

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