A seed to new beginnings

Image copyright Christy Fennewald, Fennovation.org January 1, 2015

A fluke cold spell in Austin, Texas on New Year’s Day combined with freezing rain led to loads of hot cocoa and fuzzy socks. In between sweats and resolutions, I took a quick walk out behind my home to catch the rain and the sprinkling of green grass, signalling spring on its way. What did this spot look like 10 years ago, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago? What will it look like next year and every year after? As the acorns fall, I see new growth and endings. We are all just a seed in this world. When we fall together, we grow together and develop new forests. When we fall apart, we grow apart. Though, we may draw attention, we are not as strong against a storm.

With this thought, my resolution is to not let others’ actions change me – to fall into new beginnings and to fall into crowds, ready to make the forest stronger.

What does this picture make you think? What will you vow to do this year?

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