What motivates learning? #YourEduStory

What motivates learning?

It seems simple to say passion. But, it really can be that simple. You can easily rephrase the question to: what motivates you?

When am I motivated to do the dishes? Well…never. But, when do I actually do them: when I know a deadline is near or when I know something else good is coming soon. Hope.

I use this example because, when we discuss students, not all are as intrinsically motivated due to a variety of factors from home life to medical issues. So, when you think about it: what motivates you to do the thing you like to do least, you start getting real answers.

I’m motivated by hope. So, when trying to motivate reluctant or hesitant learners, provide them with hope.

That’s one level of learning – getting learners to take the initial plunge.

How do you sustain learning is another level and another question. How do you motivate learners to sustain growth and learning? That’s where passion comes into play. For that, I think about my art. I LOVE creating and making. I’ve been doing it since I can remember – probably even before I could walk. I seek out new art pieces and strategies on Pinterest, blogs, museums, and more because I want to. I have a passion for it. However, before I had that passion, I had hope. I had hope that I could do well, be good.

That’s what our students/learners need. They need hope that they can be successful. I know I’m not going to be a successful dishwasher, but I know it is part of having a clean house and that is success to me.

So, while a teacher may not be a “successful” Web designer, they may be successful at another related task like helping students share their own successes via social media and Websites. If that’s the case, motivate those teachers through what they are successful at, what they are passionate about. I know my teachers want to support students so I motivate them to learn – to come to trainings – by having students deliver those trainings. I know students motivate them. They want to facilitate success in students. So, they come. They learn. They share.

That’s motivation.

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