Lets get #chromified updates including Tone & Chirp! #gafechat

Who can’t use a boost of Chrome? If you aren’t using these apps/extensions, you should try them. I recently added some additions below to make your Chrome experience even better. All are geared toward the educator and productivity-seeking user. Check out more great Chrome tips and Chrome Apps/Extensions on Let’s Get Chromified from Fennovation.org.


  • Gmail Snooze: Snooze emails to reappear in your inbox at more convenient times
  • Awesome Drive for Google Drive: Open Office files in Google Drive
  • Flashcards for Chrome Tabs: Open a deck of cards in each new tab
  • Earthview for Chrome Tabs: Open a satellite image from Google Earth in new tabs
  • Doodling App updates in Chromium Creativity presentation below
  • Chrome URLS: manage your Chrome settings in chrome://chrome-urls
  • Shield for Chrome: Keep yourself safe from malware & spyware in the Web Store
  • Converting Audio Files App: Convert audio files while online in Drive!
  • Chrip: Send URLs through a single tone
  • Google Tone: Send URLs to others through a single tone
  • Hidden Gems: Find the hidden gems in the Chrome Web Store

Chromium Creativity – creative apps for K-5 students:

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