Share your #EduStory @ktyler_ITS

This week’s topic: Who should share their edustory? Write a letter to someone in your pln and ask if they would join Share #YourEdustory?

This is my favorite topic so far! And, it’s a perfect way to get others involved in this awesome writing/journaling adventure. 
Many names come to mind when I think of those who should be joining this sharing challenge. I’d love to read the #edustory of my childhood teachers. I’d even love to read the #edustory of my parents, my grandparents, and other key members of my life. When you understand someone’s #edustory, you can better figure out their #edufuture. The most important group are students. If I still had a classroom of students, I would ask my students to complete a similar challenge, journaling and sharing their #edustory to one another and to the world. My former students (including myself) could never verbalize or construct their feelings about education into writing or speech. Writing an #edustory blog is a great way to promote visible thinking, metacognition, and self-reflection. 
However, since I can’t name all the students or people in my life (many of whom are not on Twitter), I choose Krista Tyler, one of my co-workers and someone who is, surprisingly, not doing this challenge. Krista became an instructional technology specialist at my former district a year after me. Since she joined though, life has not been the same. In fact, I look forward to reading her tweets and retweets. I want to know what she has to say because it’s creative. This world needs more of the creative folks. She’s inspiring. And…I see the impact she has on her students. Heck, last year when we were at ISTE Atlanta, a former student of hers from Austin, Texas recognized her on the street, stopped her, and started conversation. Now, that’s a connection. And, it’s a critical voice to hear. She needs to share how she impacts students. More people need to hear what she has to say and show. She truly makes learning fun.
So, here’s her letter (and, if you know Krista, please shove a computer in front of her and get her typing):
You have been summoned. Yes, you. Your voice noticeably missed from the #edustory blogging challenge. Why is that? We need your voice!
It’s really quite simple. Go to this Website and get the Google Calendar of blogging topics. You will be reminded of upcoming blogging topics (once a week) through your phone as well! How cool is that? 
Once a week, you will be given a new topic. Go to your blog creator of choice and type up a new entry each week for that topic. Share it out with the hashtag #edustory. 
Yes, that’s it. It’s so simple so why aren’t you joining it?!
Your voice is a critical voice. The world needs more of it and your enthusiasm. Think of the impact you can have on educators, students, parents, and community members. Share your #edustory.
And, guess what? I can help you get started if you need to. I’m even writing this post to get you interested. And, when you are done writing your first post, bring in another critical voice. Bring in a student. I know you can.
I’ll be patiently waiting for your #edustory. 
Your #edustalker,
Now – it’s your turn to bring in another voice into the #edustory circle!

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