July 5-10: Catching up

Sunday, July 5 post: Serenity

Today’s moment: surviving repelling down waterfalls. With my knee issues, ear issues, and vertigo, the challenges were intense. However, I am happy I had very patient guides and completed all five waterfalls and the final waterslide. Though, the most difficult may have been the hiking. I am thoroughly covered in bruises and scrapes! But, this view is worth it.

Monday, July 6 post: Pura Vida

Overnight, a monsoon hit Costa Rica so our initial plans were changed – multiple times. Though it was disappointing, we were able to meet with locals, eat sugar cane, explore the country, and go horseback riding. Plus, we are now back in this awesome hotel and an even better view. So, as we say here – Pura Vida!

Tuesday, July 7 post: Making do

Today, unfortunately, was a day of driving. Due to the rain on the eastern portion of Costa Rica, all our plans got moved to the Pacific Coast. And, though it is pretty, it is not the same as the east coast. After 5+ hours of sitting in a van, we made it to our first sight of ocean. Here’s to hoping tomorrow fares better.

Wednesday, July 8 post: Holla’ at ya

Today, we set off to beat any obstacles thrown in our path and we succeeded. We started with a delicious pina batida, huevos, arroz, tostada, y melon. Deliciouso! And, after, we had 10 ziplines, one repel, one free-fall repel, one tarzan swing, and one suspension bridge. We finished with a cold glass of tamarin juice waiting for us and an ice rag. A perfect morning.

Thursday, July 9 post: Soaked

Though we were not able to raft down the infamous Picqua river, we were able to raft down another river, packed with fun. Our guide submerged our float on multiple times to get us a little extra wet. We finished the day by parasailing and diving into the ocean – multiple times. Today’s moment: being soaked in sunshine, ocean, and fun.

Friday, July 10 post: Not what you expected

Today’s adventure was supposed to be a mountain bike adventure down a 12,000 foot mountain. However, since the volcano is errupting, that got scratched. Instead, we were supposed to do some around the local Quepos, Costa Rica area. The roads were certainly rough, but that’s what the mountain bikes were for! What we didn’t expect was to have to pull out our van from this spot. It took huge “earth movers” and a lot of manpower, but we got out! And, that ended our biking adventures.

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