All of your #coding resources in one place!

Three years ago, I started my first coding club. As a former English teacher, coding is not in my background. In fact, math was my most difficult subject followed by Science. However, I felt drawn to coding. It felt logical (nice pun, eh?).

I jumped on the coding bandwagon before there was an Hour of Code. And, in some ways, I am skeptical of everyone doing computer science or coding for the sake of it. They needs to be reason behind it and you need to understand that reason. For me, that reason is because it is a language. It’s the backbone of so much of what we do today. Do we need to understand the inner-workings of a car? No. We do not need to understand computer science and coding because they are the backbone. Rather, we can learn them because they are a natural method of teaching logic – something that can be hard to learn otherwise.

And, the benefit? Perhaps, we produce students who take an interest in coding and can use it to transform modern technologies. Isn’t that what we are doing now? Students are able to change the world. It’s no longer something just for adults.

Coding equals the playing field.

With that in mind, I’ve been compiling a list of resources for educators of any background to use for computer science.

Check them out here, below, or on!

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