Search like a ninja!

Searching like a ninja is my favorite skill. It’s also a pet peeve of mine. When you can’t search, it’s hard to be productive, efficient, or to advance. If you can’t find quality information, you can’t learn from it and you can’t move forward.

Finding valid information is critical today. It is a basic, fundamental skill.

With that, I’ve been compiling my favorite Google search tips into one presentation. Though we teach students a variety of engines to use when searching, Google is the one they use when they go home. It is usually the one they use when they are on their own. So, why not teach them how to be proficient in it. How is your proficiency?

Today’s updates:

  • Do a Google search for “fun facts.” It will provide you with a random array of questions and their answers…a quick way to learn trivia.

Read more at!

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