The Secrets of a #Google Ninja Continued…shhh

There are so many awesome projects that are free, require no account, and are sponsored by Google. If you haven’t checked out these “secrets,” also know as the lesser known tools, you should!

Today, I added the following to my Secrets of a Google Ninja presentation.

  • The SciShow and The SciShow Kids: Learn and explore all the science you can imagine from the comfort of your own home and computer. These two YouTube channels are stellar. 
  • CrashCourse and CrashCourse Kids: Learn and explore any subject you want in one intellectual spot.
  • Technolochicas: An organization dedicated to young Latinas and their families and committed to raising awareness in technology and tech-related careers
  • The Connectory: Your one-stop shop for all things STEAM in your neighborhood

You can find more All about that Google at

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