Give your library a makeover with #makerspaces

A little over a year ago, my interests started to divert to makerspaces. Last year, I started to dabble in them and, this year, I am trying to go full-force ahead.

To help me learn some of the tools, I have allowed members of my Spartan Tech club to become specialists in various tools. For instance, one group of students has taken charge over the Raspberry Pi2 while another has confiscated the LilyPad Arduino. By doing this, I am able to observe the students and how they interact with the tools, provide them with creative space, and use man-power to learn new tools. The latter is for my own selfish needs, but it has proven useful. 
Since starting on my makerspace journey, I’ve made a few important discoveries:

  • Arduino software and our group policies do not get along – important to test first
  • MakeyMakeys are the bomb-digity 
  • Raspberry Pis have a slight learning curve
  • All starter makerspaces should include: MakeyMakeys, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, freedom, felt, tape, scissors, cardboard, LEDs, batteries, 3D printer, and conductive thread. You can do so many projects with just those tools
I have also found some resources that spark my creative energy:
  • Follow Instructables on Google + – so many awesome ideas
  • Follow Make on Google +
  • Follow Raspberry Pi on Google +
  • Follow Arduino on Google +
  • Follow MakeyMakey on Google +
  • Follow Maker Faire on Google +
  • Follow Make Forum on Google +
There are others, but these provide me daily inspiration. 
Check out my presentation of resources on libraries and makerspaces and read more at
Happy making!

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