Digital Citizenship Week – a reflection #digcit #havethetalk

This year, I started a new position at a new school. Since the position never existed before, I was excited to try out some programs I deemed very important – one of those being digital citizenship. So, I started a focus group of interested teachers.

After one meeting, we had a plan. Amazing! Being an Episcopal School, we decided to host chapel for a day to introduce the concept of self-respect in the context of being online. And, we let the students lead it. We said ZERO words. And, the chapel was awesome.

We followed that up by sending out an email to all parents about digital citizenship week (this week) and steps they can take to ensure their child’s well-being.

Yesterday, we featured a 15 minute activity for all advisors to complete with their advisees. For 6-8 students, we had a different activity than for 9-12 students. Though we wanted to do more days, we could not since this week is full of shortened schedules, parents observations and more.

Now, we will meet again to bring in students to the focus group. We have a unique schedule in that we have an 8 day rotation. So, each day is assigned its own unique letter. On D-days (happen every 8 days), we will ask advisors to choose an activity from our digital citizenship Website to complete with their advisees.

We also have several speakers lined up. Our goal is to avoid talking about the negatives and, instead, talk about building a positive reputation. We want to talk about topics that target what it means to be human – kindness, empathy…basic citizenship topics.

Stay tuned for future updates as we progress through the year.

You can check out our Website with all of resources. All lessons are available to the public. However, please consult me, Christy Fennewald, before using any of the Website design or images. Below is a presentation with several activities that you may use as well. All resources are also available on

What are you doing to help students, teacher, and yourself become effective citizens?

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