The things you didn’t know you could do with #gafe

Today, I was reading a blog post from +Alice Keeler. She has a fabulous idea of creating answer boxes in Google Docs. Though I have been using invisible tables for a while, I had not thought about this twist. So, check out her post!

And, if you did not notice, you can manage versions in Google Drive. Why is this awesome? Let’s say you have a PDF embedded in a Website. However, you don’t want to have to take it down and reload it every time you upload a new PDF. Now, you can simply click on the manage versions box in the far right and upload a new version. It will retain the same URL so you don’t have to update your Website! [Mic drop]

On that same note, I’ve added my favorite “hacks” (including the ones above) into one presentation of the things you didn’t know you didn’t know Google Apps could do: Google Apps Hacked.

You can check out more Googliciousness on

Happy Thursday and try a hack or five today!

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