#YourEduStory: 2016 motivation – #creation

Tomorrow begins a new year and a new #youredustory. If you haven’t joined the blogging crew, check it out! This year’s first topic is: What is your “one word” that will inspire you in your classroom or school in 2016?

I feel I’ve come full circle. As a child, creativity and freedom inspired me. As I become more involved in makerspaces, I return to my love of creativity and freedom. 
I need to make more time to be creative – for myself and for my students and fellow educators. With creativity comes freedom. And, without freedom, it’s hard to be creative. 
This year, I want to focus less on the product and more on the journey. In education, that can be a difficult one due to the restrictions and tests. However, in my goals for students and in my goals for myself, I want creativity and freedom to lead the way. And, when that happens, I hope that it will also translate to success as defined by the state. I want more creative people around me. That’s when inventions and innovations happen. 
This year, I want to pursue kindness over success with my students and myself through the pursuit of creativity. 
Creation is the word of the year. It will be about creating a space for innovation, creating a culture of kindness, and creating our own journeys. With creation, I hope to find success and kindness and inspiration. 
What word will guide your 2016?

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