A start to the HAVEs

Last year, I started this blog with my mission to record my year of “moments.” I had every intention of posting moments that were moments that captured my heart, with the hope of looking more at the positive side of life. However, I found myself posting photos of something memorable about the day. Perhaps there is nothing wrong in that, but this year, I want to start focusing on the HAVEs. I want to remember that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And, I want to find joy in whatever I do – even if it is not something I particularly enjoy. Lastly, I want to focus on what I have. Not everyone has the same privilege.

So, today, I am inspired by Shel Silverstein.

This year, I want to focus each post on a “HAVE.” What do I have today? Today, I have writing. Writing is a comfort of mine and a luxury. Not everyone has the benefit of being able to write or to read.

What do you HAVE?

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