Making = Happiness

I like to make messes. I like to clean messes. I’m one of the few eccentrics out there who enjoy both. So, the idea of making intrigues me deeply.

At the age of five, I wanted to sew my mom a purse. But, I didn’t want to ask her for the sewing machine and I knew she’d say I was too young. So, I found some fabric at school, found a pair of childproof scissors, and grabbed a stapler. I cut out a purse of my own and stapled it shut. Then, I found some popouri in the bathroom and poured it in her purse. Her purses always smelled like lilies so I assumed she carried them around. It wasn’t until I gave her the purse that was only a myth.

I wrapped the purse in newspaper and made her a hand-drawn card. With a gigantic smile on my face, I handed her my prized creation. My mom stuck her hand in the purse and immediately scolded me for using the stapler. But, I didn’t care. I had made my first purse. I was an artist.

A few days later, I went to my parents bathroom and saw my purse, staples and all, hanging from the bathroom door as an air freshener. I had never been more proud. At that moment, I knew I was born to make.

I’ve never stopped making.

From the nickname of “mess-maker” to my storage box of “junk” in the garage, I was ready to recycle anything.

I have created mosaic coat hangers from cabinet doors, stained glass tables from barn doors and windows, light sabers from wrapping paper (let’s face it – who hasn’t?), purses from old books, and that’s just the start.

When I started sharing my projects with others, my friends called me the “crafty one.” But, I never understood why it had to be a thing. Why couldn’t they do it too?

Making gives me inspiration. Making is a part of me.

But, I’m no exception. We are all makers. We are all inspired by making. My 3 1/2 year old niece loves nothing more than to create something. She feels empowered.

I challenge you to make something. Feel empowered. Add more making to your classroom. Create a space for invention and innovation.

Do it.

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