Using Add-ons in GAFE? You should!

As we near summer, be sure to check out some add-ons that can make all the difference ind Google Apps. For me, I cannot live without DocHub. I’ve saved so much paper and toner because of it. Someone sends me a PDF to sign. Now, I can just sign it this way. Or…even better: Someone gives you a hard copy. You can scan it with the Drive app on your phone (currently only Android only) and save it as a PDF in your phone. Then, you can use DocHub to sign it and edit the document. Boom! No more paper and much easier to search and find.

Per an earlier post:

Google Apps can do a lot on their own, but to really get the benefits, you need to use the Google Add-ons available in Forms, Docs, Sheets.

Check out Add-ons make the world go round for a listing of some of my favorite add-ons. Some add-ons are also legacy scripts that you can get from the old Google Sheets.

More Google-iciousness is available on


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