Be creative with Chrome

When teachers ask me what they can do with a Chromebook, I reply – everything. But, it involves a different way of looking at programs. In the past, we’ve thought about traditional, install-based programs. With a Chromebook, it’s all about Web versions of a program. And, since there are so many to choose from, it’s about finding the right fit.

There are definitely some that work better than others, but I generally aim for free. And with the plethora of apps available, it’s not difficult to switch from one to the next. The exception – movie editing. So far, the only true movie editor I have found for relatively “free” is Movie Maker. And while I like it, you are limited on the basic features. There are many that will make slideshows and animations, but few that will edit video for free.

That said, I’ve compiled some of my favorite applications available on the Chromebook – for free – for creation. Check out Chromium Creativity for creativity in Chrome and explore for all other things Chrome.


One thought on “Be creative with Chrome

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this… the only thing I wish when I see collections of great tools shared is an indication whether the tool can be used with students <13 years of age. As an elementary tech coach, many of these tools are off the table because of their terms prohibit use by kids <13 (Canva, for example). Love your slides and your creativity really shines through! Thanks- Lyn


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