#YourEduStory: #pln appreciation

This week’s topic: PLN Appreciation Week — Say “thanks” to a member (or members) of your Professional Learning Network for inspiring, encouraging, and helping make you a better educator.

You are only as successful as your network. You can only be an “expert” in so many areas. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert in any area if you are at least an expert in finding the solution. Being able to communicate and collaborate are two of the most important skills in my field. It changes routinely. The job demands are broad. It’s not plausible to be a connoisseur of all things. So, it becomes about how you can search; how you can network. 
This year has been a testament to that. I’m at a new school in a position that did not exist until I assumed it, at a school where I do not have a network. In the past, my reliance was on my network was based around information – information I could use to help my staff and students. This year, though, it has been about support and inspiration. 
We all need a PLN. And, the more diverse the better. 
I follow some to get inspiration and to keep me up to date. I follow others for encouragement. And, others – to find answers. 
My fellow GEG Texas cohort members remind me of the joy to collaborate. Though all very busy, when we collaborate, ideas flow and I am encouraged again. ( +Kasey Bell , +Kelly Fitzgerald , +Christy Cate , +Brandie Cain , +Ann Witherspoon )
My fellow GTACHI 13 alums are my inspiration to being a better educator. I thought I was doing awesome and then, I met them. I was reminded how much I can still grow and should develop. Every time I feel complacent, they challenge me to grow and evolve. 
My EdTech Women Austin co-organizers are great for encouragement. They are supportive. They are hard working. They are my work away from work. ( +Tracy Clark , +Leslie Barrett , +Lacy Bartlett )
And, the many voices on Twitter and Google + keep me energized. Some days, I rely even more heavily on them. 
Who do you appreciate? What does your PLN do for you? What do you do for your PLN?

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