Let’s get Chromified with new Chrome treats!

Weekly, I find myself asking – I wonder if there is something within Chrome that can do that? Though I’ve know about Pushbullet for a while and have even shared it with others, I didn’t find a need to use it until this week. This week, I grew tired of responding to texts on my phone. Yes, a silly reason, but a reason, nonetheless. With Pushbullet, you can get all phone notifications on your computer – regardless of where your phone is. You can also send and receive text messages. If you have a habit of forgetting is phone, it doesn’t matter – you can still send and receive your text messages. Pretty cool, right?

There’s even more coolness to be shared. Don’t forget to check out fennovation.org for all things Chrome, including an awesome table directory of resources.

Updates this month include:

  • Copy folder App – similar to the script, but now an app that will allow you to make copies of your Google Drive folders. Hopefully, this will someday be an innate feature in Drive…
  • Duplicate file finder and cleaner for Drive – this finds duplicate files and allows you to clean them. I can think of many who could benefit from this…
  • All things PDFs – this list of tools will help you split PDFs, merge PDFs, compress PDFs and much more!

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