More secrets of a Google Ninja

Today’s blog post brings you two new secrets of a Google Ninja!

  • Google Save: I had noticed this for a bit, but hadn’t paid much attention to it until I read Eric Curts’ blog post on the tool. This will allow you to save images and websites virtually without downloading!
  • Chrome Music Lab: This is for music-lovers of all ages!  You can now explore the way music works and, since it is open to all developers, develop your own music experiment. 
Explore these handy tools and more at the full Secrets of a Google Ninja presentation or on (where there is an Awesome Table directory).
I will be sharing all of these tools – yes, all – at the Techs4Tex Texas Summit on Saturday, May 14 in Frisco, Texas. Tickets are still available if you’re near the area!  

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