Digital Citizenship Week is upon us!

This week is Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship week! Due to the nature of our school, we’ve elected to hold our digital citizenship week on November 7-11 (right over election day!). So, I hope this post finds you in time.

Last year, we stepped up our digital citizenship game. This year, we have streamlined it.

We started by revising our D-day program (or digital citizenship day). Last year, we asked teachers to pick an activity from our D-Day website on the first Wednesday of each month. Since it relied a lot of teachers figuring out discussion questions to go with it, it was not as well received. Though it was better than before, we knew it could be better. So, this year, we kept the same schedule, but created a presentation template. The template features a short 1-2 minute video, questions, and a reflection. Since starting this, we have received positive feedback. We also make sure we only give them one option to use. This helps with reducing the number of questions and potential confusion.

This year, we met with our boarding students to discuss issues students found relevant in regards to digital citizenship. After a 30 minute conversation, it was clear the most important topic to them was students’ brands – what brand are you online, in person? How do you protect that brand? Do you respect others’ brands? Etc..

With that in mind, we decided to focus our efforts on “defining your brand” for this year’s digital citizenship week.

To see how we will celebrate, check out our site dedicated to digital citizenship week.

And, for more information our our digital citizenship program, check out “Let’s get digital” citizenship.

Have examples of other activities? I’d love to hear them!

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