Moving on with Google Classroom

In case you didn’t read my last post, Google Classroom got many new updates over the summer! While I’m still waiting for the ability to move items around on the About page, add sub groups, change ownership of items (so teacher retains ownership of tests, etc. after returning) and permanently pin items to the top of the stream page, I am even more excited about Google Classroom.

Today, I share with you those updates along with Kasey Bell’s fabulous resource on app integration into Google Classroom.  Did you know that was a thing?

In the independent school I work in, it is often difficult to declare one item that everyone most use. However, this year, I have been persuading teachers to use Google Classroom as the one consistent platform by which all students access their work. This is not to say a teacher much use this platform as a learning management system or content management system, but it does provide a starting point. If you think about the number of platforms we ask teachers to remember, you will release it is a lot. Now, add that to students who are still developing. Is that an added challenge that they need to master? For me, that answer is ‘no.’ And, what’s great about Google Classroom is it provides a custom start page for every student. All a teacher has to do is to link their materials into Google Classroom. We use Websites only for public information like a syllabus. Boom! Win-win for both students, teachers, and parents/guardians.

How are you using Google Classroom?

Check out Getting Automated with Google Classroom for all that you can be with Google Classroom. And, consult for all things Google.

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