Making your GSuite experience even better

Recently, I realized I had been using some of GSuite’s latest updates, but I had not shared them out. So, today, I’m sharing out a few of my favorite “recent” updates.


Assigning work through the comments feature is great. As an English teacher, I use this every time I give feedback to students. While I used to use the directed commentary, now I can assign it to them as a task. They receive a noticed and must complete it. Wonderful.


I love being able to link to a range of cells within my spreadsheets. I can now set up a table of contents of sorts in my sheets.


I’ve saved the best for last. Google Slides have always been a cleaner alternative to PowerPoint. The minute I started using them, I never went back…8 years or so later. So, when they stepped up their game with the Q&A feature, I wasn’t surprised. However, when they added in the ability to insert  YouTube videos and choose the stop and start points, that blew my mind. Plus, you can now insert videos from Google Drive! I used Screencastify to make many screencasts. Those go into my Google Drive (though, they can go into YouTube). Now, I can immediately put them in my presentations! Plus, you can also now automatically put images into a slideshow!


Check out for more Google Tips!

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