Coding – Why are we still debating it?

I went to a conference a few months ago, and the presenter made an interesting point: In many classrooms, the haiku is still taught, but we don’t have debates on whether or not to teach it. However, while students will interact with some technology daily, we still debate whether or not it is essential to teach them how to use it and how to understand that.

Stop debating it. Today, computer science is necessary to understanding the world around us. Currently, I’m interested in “filter bubbles” as they relate to fake news and digital citizenship. These are entirely controlled by algorithms – a.k.a. computer science. To understand our lives, computer science is essential.

Hopefully, I’ve won you over with my debate, and now, you’re ready to start learning or teaching it. If that’s the case, check out the Fennovation Coding Bookmarks to get started.  You can also check out for more STEAM resources.  Today’s addition to teaching and learning resources include: Microsoft YouthSpark, CodinGame, CSS Diner, Untrusted, Flexbox Froggy & Flexbox Defnse, Ruby Warrior, and many, many more.


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