Enhancing your GSuite experience

New updates continue to come to the GSuite product line. Recently, Google Keep became one of GSuite’s core services. With that came more incentive to use Google Keep, a great service for things you haven’t even thought of! Google Keep was also integrated into Google Docs. While I am still hoping for the ability to insert some of the “Google Keep Typepad” into Google Docs comments, I am excited by the possibliities the new updates offer! In the past, you could go to Google Keep and choose to “copy to a Google Doc.” However, what if you didn’t want to create a new doc; you wanted to insert the note into an existing doc? Welcome to Google Keep Typepad!


Check out the updates to Google Docs as well as some handy new uses for Google Keep in Google Docs.


Check out all of the GSuite service products and their guides at fennovation.org!


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