13627016_10104048310290680_3680208571204609027_nChristy is a former high school English and creative writing teacher, a former technology coordinator for a K-12 school district and GAFE administrator, and a current technology integration coordinator, coordinator of all things maker, and a high school English teacher at St. Stephen’s School. She is a Certified Google Education Trainer and Google Certified Innovator, Common Sense Media Ambassador, flipped certified teacher, an avid blogger, and an instructional technology geek–always on the lookout for new tools to improve education, enhance digital literacy and digital citizenship curricula, the maker process, and change the educational framework. She is also co-founder of the RRISD Ninja Academy, co-organizer of EdTech Women-Austin, and the leader of Google Educator Group Central Texas (GEG CENTX). She is a learner, a crafter, an explorer, a change-maker.


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