Google Classroom to the basics and beyond!

A couple of months ago, Google added in the ability to assign work to selected students instead of the whole class. They also added in notifications for late submissions.

Check out these great updates in action plus many more creative uses of Google Classroom on “Fennovation Using Google Classroom.” Not ready for creative? That’s okay, you can also catch up to speed as well!

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Too much

We were supposed to do the Rosedale ride today, one of my favorite bike rides. However, with the rain predicted, the wind, my general fatigue, we elected to stay home. I opted to bike the same distance, but on my trainer. Well, I overdid it. I’ve been too tired to move the rest of the day. Lesson learned…for now.

GSuite Hacked! New updates!

I have delayed writing these updates for some time, but now, they are here! Today’s updates include DriveSlides (also mentioned in my Let’s Get Chromified and Slides presentations) and using Google Slides as a video editor.

Check out the Google Apps Hacked presentation (Yes, I need to change it to “GSuite Hacked!”) for more “things you didn’t know you didn’t know you could do” with GSuite. Check out for all things Google!

Get Creative with Chrome

Chromium Creativity

Chromebooks are a great device for being productive, but they can be overlooked when it comes to creation. Though I have nothing against MacBooks’ performance, their price is steep. For a fraction of the price, you can get a Chromebook that can create beautifully. If you are a professional designer, a MacBook or another full-scale device might be necessary. However, for the average consumer, Chromebooks offer a full line of free or affordable apps for creation.

I’ve organized some of my favorite creation tools for K-12 students into Chromium Creativity (it says K-5 since many can be used for K-5, but they could also be used for K-12). Per viewer suggestions, I’ve also added in suggested ages as it can sometimes be hard to find appropriate applications for PK-2 students. Check the presentation notes section for more details.

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Let’s Get Chromified for April Fools!

Today, I added in one of my favorite new extensions, Drive Slides to the “Let’s Get Chromified” presentation. This extension allows you to automatically create a Google Slideshow from images in your Google Drive with the click of the extension. Magic!!

As a side note, this presentation is also complete with a “Chrome fun” section just in time for you to get ready for April Fool’s Day!

Check out all of this Chrome goodness on “Let’s Get Chromified!” Check out more Google goodness on