Two years

Today, we celebrated my niece, Madysyn’s, second birthday. It was a backyard success. She’s fearless. She’s strong. She’s determined. She loves her pap-pap and her sister. She’ll be a handful, but I can’t wait to meet the woman she becomes.

The stairway to…

After taking my usual double load of RPM classes this morning, we set out to check out a trail I wanted to see for sometime: River Place Trail. I knew it had the highest elevation change in all of Austin, and it had a ton of steps – thousands; and, my understanding was correct. However, it was the perfect day for a hike. I can’t wait to go back!

Cat scratch date night

The other day, we discovered our cat, Maggie, had some worms. Since she is one of four (another story), we knew we had to act quick to prevent it from getting to the others. Luckily, Aj was able to take or attempt to take 3 of the 4 cats to the vet. The other, Satan, left him looking like he survived a fight with Wolverine. Therefore, we commemorated the occasion with a date night…

The Originator

After another long day, I went home and biked a 210-watt ride for 16 miles. Though, it’s not long, it was intense. Afterward, I lost my appetite. With nothing else appealing, I remembered The Originator; and the originator did the job!


I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the search committee for a vacancy at our school. It’s my first time being part of a process for a higher level position than my own, and it’s exciting to learn about others and feel the world is open.

Sweet niece of mine

I have one niece who’s sweet and sensitive, and I have one niece who’s spicy and rough. Today, I got to spend the afternoon making turtles and dancing to 90’s throwbacks with the sweet one. I hope she never loses here sensitive, sweet, creative, and caring demeanor.