Secrets of a Google Ninja – completing the year

What better way to finish off your year than with some of Google’s lesser known tools. Over the years, I have accumulated more tools that can broaden your classroom’s horizons.

Check out for more secrets of a Google Ninja plus write-ups on the new “lesser known” tools. And, see the full Secrets of a Google Ninja presentation here.

The trainer

Recently, I adopted my boyfriend’s Tacx bike trainer. At that same time, I became a Zwift member. I think I found a new addiction. I’m already an exercise-addict, but I am also now a Zwift addict. With the ability to compete with people all around the world in the sweaty comfort of my house, my competitive self is happy.

Edge of Seventeen

Today, we watched a movie I’ve been waiting to see for awhile now: The Edge of Seventeen. To commemorate, we went shopping for frivolous holiday decor and chowed down on some Italian. It’s a nice reminder that we are all on the edge of seventeen even those we don’t think are.



My grandpa had these old window covers that he was going to “throw down the [crick].” There are too many things wrong with that statement so I decided to take them off his hands and make something out of them. For the first set, I transformed them into picture racks. For the next set…outdoor plant hangers!


Maker Fashion Show

Today, I held our first maker fashion show. Though I didn’t get the volunteer turnout or the participant turnout I had hoped for, all created and all made. And, that was the goal and should always be the goal. I kept it open, minus a few ideas, for creation. The result: many ¬†masterpieces I never dreamed of.

Tied up in knots

That’s how my stomach has been all night. As of this moment, I have no idea the outcome of this election. On one hand, this day is joyous for me as it marks a freedom we enjoy here. On the other, though, I fear this year’s results show a greater divide than just the president.