Cat scratch date night

The other day, we discovered our cat, Maggie, had some worms. Since she is one of four (another story), we knew we had to act quick to prevent it from getting to the others. Luckily, Aj was able to take or attempt to take 3 of the 4 cats to the vet. The other, Satan, left him looking like he survived a fight with Wolverine. Therefore, we commemorated the occasion with a date night…


Today, we woke up early to swim around the manatees in the Manatee preserve. Then, we kayaked the rest of the wildlife refuge. I wish we would sanction off more areas for beautiful creatures (nature) for future generations to enjoy.


When I walk into my house each day, I’m usually greeted by at least one of the four cats we have. Maggie, the youngest, loves our sun room. Today, I walked out to the room and was greeted to a purring machine. Some days I’m just thankful for the sweet purring love of Ms. Magnolia Sil.

Oh, Christmas Tree

Today, I put up not one, but two Christmas trees. With four cats, you never know what destruction will occur. So, I put out a tree for us to see everyday that was “cat-proof” in that the ornaments were not sentimental. In our bedroom, I put up my old tree with all of my favorite ornaments. Though it’s a small thing, I was happy to make Christmas trees work with four cats!

Cat fights

‘Tis the season, it seems, for cat fights, candidate fights, and general bickering. Today, our cats were no exception. Of course, expect that one put the the sit-down on the other, quelling all whines. If only it were that simple…