Get Creative with Chrome

Chromium Creativity

Chromebooks are a great device for being productive, but they can be overlooked when it comes to creation. Though I have nothing against MacBooks’ performance, their price is steep. For a fraction of the price, you can get a Chromebook that can create beautifully. If you are a professional designer, a MacBook or another full-scale device might be necessary. However, for the average consumer, Chromebooks offer a full line of free or affordable apps for creation.

I’ve organized some of my favorite creation tools for K-12 students into Chromium Creativity (it says K-5 since many can be used for K-5, but they could also be used for K-12). Per viewer suggestions, I’ve also added in suggested ages as it can sometimes be hard to find appropriate applications for PK-2 students. Check the presentation notes section for more details.

Check out for even more Googleness!

Let’s Get Chromified for April Fools!

Today, I added in one of my favorite new extensions, Drive Slides to the “Let’s Get Chromified” presentation. This extension allows you to automatically create a Google Slideshow from images in your Google Drive with the click of the extension. Magic!!

As a side note, this presentation is also complete with a “Chrome fun” section just in time for you to get ready for April Fool’s Day!

Check out all of this Chrome goodness on “Let’s Get Chromified!” Check out more Google goodness on

Let’s get Chromified – new updates!

Recently, I was helping my sister-in-law with her photography business. She wanted to book appointments and charge all in one spot. Historically, I’ve used, but she used Schedulicity. Though my allegiance will got to, I was impressed by the clean interface of Schedulicity.

To explore Schedulicity and more Chrome apps and extensions, check out the “Let’s Get Chromified presentation” (nearly 200 listings!) and the apps and extensions database on

Let’s Get Chromified – UPDATES!

We are almost halfway through the 2016-2017 school year. Can you believe it?! The new school year it’s underway and it’s time to beef up your Chrome game. Check out Let’s Get Chromified for tips and tricks for better managing your Chrome account as well as the best apps and extensions for your respective education role.

Check out for a directory of all things Chrome as well as Chrome-specific presentations on creativity and productivity.

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Enjoy and let’s get chromified!

Let’s Get Chromified this summer! Plus, new updates!

I was saddened to read last week that support for the Snagit Chrome Extension will end this summer. That was one of my top five favorite extensions.

With that in mind, I’ve added a few other screen capturing tools to the Let’s Get Chromified list, including:

MediaCore Capture: “You can capture anything on your screen — including your web browser, applications and desktop — or record video straight from your webcam. MediaCore Capture also makes it easy to overlay video from your webcam on a screencast recording — perfect for recording presentations, assignments and demos. “
Capture Cast: “CaptureCast Chrome is a FREE video screen capture extension with no restrictions on the length of your recordings. You can use the screencast recorder to capture your desktop screen, web camera, document camera, and microphone with seamless uploading to YouTube and Vimeo.”

I’ve also added Alice Keeler’s Drive 20, which will open up the first 20 files in Drive with one click. Of course, you can also change the 20 to another number as well.

And, I also added Drive Tunes, an app that turns your Google Drive into a media player. And, with unlimited storage in your school Drive, why not put all of those chorale tunes in there and hit play?!

You can check out all things Chrome at You can also check out the Let’s Get Chromified full presentation or this summer’s exclusive Let’s Get Chromified: Productivity Edition.

Let’s get Chromified with new Chrome treats!

Weekly, I find myself asking – I wonder if there is something within Chrome that can do that? Though I’ve know about Pushbullet for a while and have even shared it with others, I didn’t find a need to use it until this week. This week, I grew tired of responding to texts on my phone. Yes, a silly reason, but a reason, nonetheless. With Pushbullet, you can get all phone notifications on your computer – regardless of where your phone is. You can also send and receive text messages. If you have a habit of forgetting is phone, it doesn’t matter – you can still send and receive your text messages. Pretty cool, right?

There’s even more coolness to be shared. Don’t forget to check out for all things Chrome, including an awesome table directory of resources.

Updates this month include:

  • Copy folder App – similar to the script, but now an app that will allow you to make copies of your Google Drive folders. Hopefully, this will someday be an innate feature in Drive…
  • Duplicate file finder and cleaner for Drive – this finds duplicate files and allows you to clean them. I can think of many who could benefit from this…
  • All things PDFs – this list of tools will help you split PDFs, merge PDFs, compress PDFs and much more!

Resources for your struggling/reluctant readers & writers

When I taught high school English, my biggest challenge was finding materials for my struggling or reluctant readers and writers. I could find resources, but finding quality resources that my students found helpful was another challenge.

So, over the past two years, I’ve gathered my favorite Chrome reading and writing resources into one document. I’ve also added additional Websites that I’ve found to be helpful. Since this document is starting to get lengthy, it may have to switch to a new medium!
Have some that aren’t on here? Please share to:, @christyfenne, or +christyfennewald!
Check out for a full list of ELA & ELL resources! 

Be creative with Chrome

When teachers ask me what they can do with a Chromebook, I reply – everything. But, it involves a different way of looking at programs. In the past, we’ve thought about traditional, install-based programs. With a Chromebook, it’s all about Web versions of a program. And, since there are so many to choose from, it’s about finding the right fit.

There are definitely some that work better than others, but I generally aim for free. And with the plethora of apps available, it’s not difficult to switch from one to the next. The exception – movie editing. So far, the only true movie editor I have found for relatively “free” is Movie Maker. And while I like it, you are limited on the basic features. There are many that will make slideshows and animations, but few that will edit video for free.

That said, I’ve compiled some of my favorite applications available on the Chromebook – for free – for creation. Check out Chromium Creativity for creativity in Chrome and explore for all other things Chrome.


More Chrome Apps & Extensions…say what?!

You didn’t think it was possible, but…I’ve found a few more apps and extensions that are of note.

Additions include:

  • Sortd – a gmail task list that turns your Gmail into a task list. Thanks to +Juan Orozco for the share!
  • Scrible – a screen annotation tool
  • Journey – helps you create and online journal
  • Sticky Notes – just as it sounds – it adds sticky notes to your desktop and supports speech recognition!

I’ve added them all to the Let’s Get Chromified presentation. However, you can find a full directory listing (created by the Awesome Tables gadget) at

Have recommendations? Send them to me at @christyfenne! Enjoy!