Tonight, we grilled fajitas, veggies, beans, and quinoa. Okay, we didn’t grill the last two, but we made them, nonetheless. With temperatures in the 70s and sunny, ┬áit was beyond delightful.

The Originator

After another long day, I went home and biked a 210-watt ride for 16 miles. Though, it’s not long, it was intense. Afterward, I lost my appetite. With nothing else appealing, I remembered The Originator; and the originator did the job!

We made it to St. Louis

We had to revise some of our biking plans as a result of the winter storm that made its way through. As a kid in St. Louis, The Hill was my favorite Italian food, so I wanted to return to my favorite Italian eatery: Charlie Gittos. Since we didn’t have a car, we Ubered (is that a verb, yet?) our way to the restaurant. Unfortunately, in my delirious state, I told our driver to stop to soon – at Guidos. They sound the same. It wasn’t until we left the restaurant that I realized we had gone to the wrong place…



Breakfast for dinner

Last year, we went to IHOP’s free shortstack pancake event, but were met with huge crowds and cold food. This year, we decided we’d have our own. Unfortunately, we picked today – the day of the real pancake event. Bad timing. Our plans were rerouted to Kerby Lane, where I discovered a delicious banana nut French toast!


This past year, I got into a salad kick. So, tonight, I tried a new recipe for making an avocado dressing on top of spinach, peppers, corn, black beans, and tomatoes. The result: deliciousness.

Carrot Cake

My wish each year for my birthday (food) is carrot cake. I only ever get it on my birthday, which is probably why it’s the one wish I have. I can eat it elsewhere, but it’s never the same as my mom or grandma’s. Yum!

The tacos that weren’t meant to be

Though I’m essentially a native Austinite, I’ve never eaten at Taco Cabana. Yes, a travesty. Today, we made plans to end that streak. The condition – I wanted their breakfast tacos. When we showed up, I was saddened to learn they do not sell them after breakfast. Um, hello. It’s Texas! We eat them all day! So, off to Torchy’s we went. TC will have to wait for another day, but we did manage to snap a picture before we learned the news.


Healthy delicious

Today, I tried some sweet potato noodles…or sweet potatoes that were shredded like noodles. I sauteed them, and made a panini to go along with it. The end result: deliousness.