Banana bread

For Christmas, my mom likes to give us small “treats.” This year, she gave me this banana bread mix. While I can make banana bread, it’s fun to try out different mixes. With a few very ripe bananas left, I decided tonight was the night to try out the mix. Amidst heavy downpours and the smell of bread cooking, I enjoyed a “cold” winter night.

Taco Tuesday

Today was the first day back from winter break and, unfortunately, I’ve come down with sickness #2 in less than a month. To try to appease the illness, we enjoyed the best queso around at Torchy’s. Yes, it added a bit of joy to my day.

Sugar Cookies

Today, we decided to watch Christmas movies and make Christmas cookies. Since Aj had never iced a sugar cookie before, I felt it was past due. Despite the icing being too runny, we had a successful start to sugar cookie season. Tonight, my belly is thankful for sugar…cookies.


Mall date shenanigans

Today, we enjoyed our month 11 date night. This month’s activity: a mall scavenger hunt. It was complete with many different activities – including finding a naked mannequin, monogrammed underwear, and a soft pretzel. We found the king of soft pretzels. I think I could have ate nothing but them all day!


It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for sweets. Today was no exception. A woman entered my office today, looking for me while holding a box of treats. To my surprise, I found a box of bundt cakes in four delicious flavors. Am I thankful? You bet!


Today, we resumed our Wednesday cooking with some fresh burgers and veggies – the perfect treat before the debate “show.” Today, I’m thankful for the little things I enjoy – the things we need to remember and build upon.