Today, I went to my second glass fusing class, and I learned about the science  behind it. Who know science could be so beautiful?

Fusing day 1

Today, I started a 4-week long class on fusing class. It’s an art form I’ve wanted to experiment with for sometime, and today I took the first step: cutting and firing glass. Who knew how much science went into art?!


A year ago, I saw a fun video on how to make a dandelion paperweight out of resin. At the time, I didn’t have a paperweight mold, and I couldn’t find a dandelion, so I made many other pieces of resin jewelry. This year, I found a dandelion and a mold. Today, I made what I set out to create a year ago.

Pebble Art

I’ve had a bag of pebbles from a project I did awhile ago, but I couldn’t decide what to do with them. I also had some IKEA mirrors from a design hack a few years ago. Today, I decided to blend the two into mirror pebble art. The result: a new hobby.



Today, we went to a terrarium bar to make our own terrariums. I think I found another new addiction. After we went, ┬áspoke to my parents about the experience, and I discovered my grandma had a similar love. Could it be genetics? Regardless, I can’t wait to make more!